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Dine with the Docs

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Friends of St. Luke’s members are invited to an evening of dinner and discussion on one of several healthcare topics for patients. Are you feeling lost after a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis? Get your questions answered about RA while honoring the body, mind, and spirit connection in managing chronic pain and fatigue.

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Affinia Starburst Gala


The Affinia Healthcare Foundation provides funding and resources to support care and services for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in our community. 

The Affinia Healthcare Foundation strives to secure financial resources to address unmet healthcare needs in our community through the strategic initiatives of Affinia Healthcare. These initiatives include immigrant and refugee health; dental health for veterans; behavioral health (substance abuse and violence prevention); maternal and infant mortality; and services for the unhoused in our community.

Image by Patrick Hendry
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Image by Hannah Busing

Ageless Remarkable Saint Louisans Gala

SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to economically disadvantaged adults 65+ living in the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis area.
Our seniors live on an average income of $12,000 per year. These seniors struggle to afford such necessities as food, clothing, transportation, prescriptions, mortgage payments or rent, home repair and medical care.

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Arthritis Foundation
Silver Celebration Gala

Saturday, October 21st

The Arthritis Foundation is boldly pursuing a cure for America’s #1 cause of disability while championing the fight to conquer arthritis with life-changing science, resources, advocacy and community connections. The Arthritis Foundation Silver Celebration celebrates our Arthritis Warriors including the more than 5,700 children in Missouri with arthritis and rheumatic conditions. 

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American College of Rheumatology


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