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Donica Baker


Donica Liu Baker, MD, FACR is a rheumatologist practicing the art of medicine in her beloved hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. With roots in the field of Kinesiology, she developed an early passion for helping patients improve their mobility, which evolved into an interest in arthritis and autoimmune diseases. She completed most of her medical training at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

For her, the best part of being in medicine is having a window of perspective to understand humanity from all walks of life, and getting to see points of view that are different from her own. She enjoys listening to her patients' stories and offering as much healing for the mind, body, and spirit as she is able to.

As a medical honoree of the Arthritis Foundation, she is involved with patient advocacy and raising awareness about arthritis. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, writing, and hiking with her dogs Sasha and Coco. She also dabbles in yoga, practicing piano, singing at her church, and exploring activities around St. Louis city.

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